Technological Innovation

La Metallurgica is a unique case in the world for its innovative capacity in this sector.

What contributes to making us unique is the collaboration with Martinenghi, a Group company dedicated to the design, engineering and construction of machines for the production of tubes, aerosol cans and other packaging

Ever since 1982 when we decided to diversify the business and Martinenghi became part of the Group, we have given a major boost to the core business in order to avail ourselves of the experience of those who create machines for developing highly innovative projects.

In continuing with a spirit aimed toward the future La Metallurgica is available for collaboration both with traditional products as well as for new products to be launched on the market. Keeping up to date with the state-of-the-art technology makes it possible for us to optimise our existing products and processes and to develop new high added-value products.

This all results in brainstorming meetings under the common denominator of "La Metallurgica of the Future" which are performed on a regular basis.
A concrete example can be seen in the installation of a patented innovative machine, "The Leak Control Machine", at the beginning of the 2000s on all production lines, able to control 100% the perfect sealing of the tube, allowing us to further increase the level of quality and guaranteeing a standard which has become a reference point for the companies in our sector.

But the big turning point came in 2014 with the launch of the Digit system, digital printing applied to aluminium tubes which is revolutionising the market (learn more about DigIt)